I will admit it….We are the crazy cat people

But that does not mean we dress up our cat in silly clothes and pose him with ridiculous items like fruit on his head (all you on Pintrest know what I am talking about). We just have a healthy dose of love for our cat, who in our eyes is one of the family; in fact our son calls him his “big brother.”  You may ask what a healthy dose of love actually is, well let’s see here my phone has no less than 100 photos of our cat currently on it, he has his own birthday (yes, he gets sung happy birthday to), he has his own superhero theme song and blanket on the bed, and before we had kids the people at the photo developers probably thought we were crazy turning in rolls of film full of pictures of our cat.  Who is this cat we are obsessed  in love with? Here he is our very own Samwise:

Isn’t he adorable? Hard to believe that this year, August 8th to be exact, he will be 11 years old. And if you are not quite convinced he is the world’s most adorable cat, here are some more photos to persuade you.

Ok, a proud parent has to show off one more:

As you can obviously tell, we are smitten. And you can only imagine the panic we felt when just a couple days ago we woke up without our usual bed pal and could not find him anywhere in the house. We were frantic, we searched all three levels of the house trying to locate him. I kept calling for him waiting for him to cry back his usual response of “mama,” yes our cat says “mama,” but no reply came. We could only come to the horrific truth that our little fuzzy son was not in the house and was possibly lost somewhere outside; a harsh realization for parents of a spoiled strictly indoor cat.

Thankfully, the much calmer saint that is my husband went out in search of him and found him within minutes of stepping outside. The poor little thing was covered in dirt and mats, and had the tell-tale signs of fending off other not so well behaved cats. He was traumatized, as was I. Again the saint of a husband took over and cleaned the poor kiddo off, brushed his mats out, and generally kept a high-strung cat and wife calm (more so successful with the cat than the wife) and soon we had our fur baby back in our arms being smothered pampered with love. There are no photos of this whole ordeal because our Sam gets deathly embarrassed when he isn’t in his best suit. He did’t come out of his room for weeks when the fur on his tail came off due to liquid candle being spilled on him, so we didn’t think he would appreciate this whole ordeal being documented. So we will leave you with one of his cuter moments.
There you have it, after reading this, you can all attest that we love our cat and you can peg us as the “crazy cat people” all you like, we are just glad to have our Samwise home again (and a big internet high-five to those of you who know where his name came from).


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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