China & Cotton

Wow, in only one month the hubs and I will have been married for two years! It may not seem like a long time for some, but for me anniversaries are important. They are so important and meaningful to me, more so because of the date we choose to get married. We get to share our special day with my great grandparents, they were married for 65 years and loved each other immensely so much so that my great grandpa held on until that coveted day cause he knew how much it meant to my grandma before he passed away from lung cancer the next day.

It is bitter sweet that day, so much joy and so much sadness, but it was the joy that I wanted to celebrate when I choose that day before I even meet my husband (who was sweet enough to allow me to have it even though it fell on a Monday). For us, that day became not only our day but a day to celebrate family; the family we were becoming, the family we have, and the family we lost. It was our day to share and it was beautiful. I still get emotional thinking about it.

The hubs and I joke that we will be together for the rest of our lives, which isn’t that long since the end of the world is this December so we don’t have that much longer to be together. But we both hope we can go the distance like my great grandparents.  The day is important to me and I like to celebrate it in special ways.

Last year we celebrate with a nod to the traditional first anniversary gift of paper with a family photo session that we used to give our families a gift to say thank you for their support and  to announce our little announcement of the coming addition.

This year, I want to continue our family photo session tradition to document our growing family and to somehow use the traditional second anniversary gift as a guide for a little gift for each other. According to the second anniversary gift is China (modern) or  Cotton (traditional), well if this wife had her way she would be asking for this item since she considers it a China substitute since the only thing she would want in the Cotton category would be new sheets or a throw for the new couch:

Or this guy that I have had my eyes on, praying every time I go to Target that it is finally on clearance:

As for what I would do for the hubs, I would probably go my old stand-by of a handmade gift. He still says the journal I kept and gave him was the best gift he ever got. The plan is to finish this guy:

We probably won’t do anything too special since we live away from family in a new town with two small kids but I am sure we can think of something fun to do as a family. .
Maybe a trip to the zoo since that is where the hubs proposed is in order.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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