Covering Our Butts

Well, mainly just Little Miss’ cute tush. What would be covering her little rear was a topic of debate months before she was even born. The hubs and I decided that this time we  wanted to give cloth diapers a chance. A lot of people questioned our sanity in this decision, and to be truthful so did I at first, especially since we would be in the process of moving and settling into a new home, town , and routine when she would only be a couple months old. Not to mention the fact that our bub’s buns were too small to fit into her cloth stash  and then we had to fight a thrush infection so we had gotten used to and comfortable with the disposable diaper routine for two months; well everyone that is but our wallets. So on top of the process of moving I stepped into the cloth diaper world,  and I am proud to say I am never looking back!

In the beginning I had every intention of the possibility of using disposables for when we went out and about, but after only a week of using cloth I could not imagine doing that at all. Besides how cute does her tush look in them?

They even look beautiful after being freshly laundered and stacked waiting to cover those sweet little cheeks.

She loves her Fuzzi Bunz!!

No need for those little diaper covers with elastic leg openings that cut into those cute little  all be it chunky thighs we have cute diapers that can easily be matched to her adorable outfits. Half the time people do not even realize that they are diapers and make comments about her cute shorts that match her top.

And if that was not enough, we just got our first water bill after moving, after getting into the washing routine, and we came out ahead. The cost of our water bill was equivalent to a week and a half’s cost for a disposable diaper budget. It’s easy to say I did a happy mama dance for the validation that made for our “it’s better for our budget” reasoning for choosing the cloth path.  So not only does Little Miss have happy cheeks read ZERO diaper rash since the switch and those cute little leg rolls have less irritation between them (you moms of chunky babies know what I am talking about).  I am saving our family money that would literally be tossed in the trash 10+ times a day!


2 thoughts on “Covering Our Butts

  1. We’ve loved cloth diapering, too! I was hesitant (and I think my mom still thinks I’m crazy), but I haven’t looked back. Besides saving money and throwing fewer diapers into landfills, my little one had a lot of issues with diaper rash at the beginning, but his bum’s never had a negative reaction to the cloth diapers. Glad you’re having such luck with them, too!

    • Glad cloth has been a success for you too! Silly how saving money and doing something that is better for our little ones makes us the crazy ones lol

      xo, Sara

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