Mundane to Meaningful

More often than not I am sitting down with Little Miss feeding her, it comes to a point that it feels  as though that is all my day consists of. Grab the pillow, find a spot to sit down that isn’t covered in Legos and isn’t currently occupied by the cat and begin the long process of feeding the little grazer.

I will admit that sometimes I get bored with the daily ritual of breastfeeding my little one, it makes me wonder how I did it for 18 months with her brother. My mind wanders to all the things I could be doing – finishing cleaning the house, organizing things more efficiently, getting dinner ready, working on my growing pile of crafts, spending more time with the husband and Padawan – but I am stuck on the bed or on the couch with a little grazer who now likes to stop and talk to me about everything under the sun instead getting down to business and finishing her lunch.

Then I remember Padawan used to be this small, and the sight of my face alone made him smile and coo. Where did time go? Now he barely holds still long enough to make it through one chapter of Harry Potter before he starts squirming around and forget laying down with mom all quiet and still for longer than 5 seconds. The everyday task of feeding him was something that I missed once he decided that he no longer wanted to take the time out with mom.

Everyone always warns you that your children grow up fast and to enjoy them while they are small, but no one ever reminds you to sit back and enjoy them while you take time out of your day to do the never ending chore of feeding them. It may seem time consuming but it is also a time that we will never get back. It is true that breastfeeding has many health benefits both for the mom and the baby, but it is also a blessing that we moms need to remember because it offers us a chance to enjoy small quiet moments that we can never get back and will dearly miss once it is over.


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