Get The Candles Ready

In just a month’s time, I get to say that I have been married to this wonderful man for two years (yikes! time flies).

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since we said our vows and have been building our wonderful little family together. In those short two years we have had many trials it seems (more than two years worth) and the whole time this man has stood by my side, holding my hand while the tempest raged on. My husband is an amazing man who has overcome a lot in his life but he is always so full of compassion, energy, kindness, and passion. A passion for all the things he loves; his family, his friends, his hopes and dreams, that it is hard not to get infected with his energy and enthusiasm.

And on those days that you feel down and out, and you just can’t take anymore of his “let’s look on the positive side” attitude; he does something to make you smile and you remember why you are lucky to have him in your life.

Before we can celebrate two years of marriage, we have to stop and celebrate this crazy guy we love so much! Happy birthday to the most wonderful friend and husband a girl could ask for, and to a pretty awesome dad whose kids think he deserves to be knighted (Jedi) for all he does for us! Love you babes!


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