I am a big prepronate of the arts, well the crafts is more like it. I have so many projects going at one time or another that my husband can’t seem to keep up with them, well neither can I. To date I have at least 5 different projects going simountasnisly, so here is my craft to do list:
1. Finish the felt cake that I have started (below is the picture of one of 4 I made our niece for her birthday. Still don’t know how I finished it all in time!)

2. Finish the felt camp set I designed. So far I have the s’mores and flames done, just need to finish the logs and roasting sticks. Why did I chose to hand sew all these, I plead a moment of insanity.

3. Sew together the rest of my cheeky coffee cozies, cause who doesn’t love a good mustache these days.

4. Finish crocheting the baby blanket for Little Miss, which is becoming more like a King-size bedspread that will never be finished.

5. Start the crochet blanket I promised the Padawan. Thankfully, we nailed down the pattern he likes and what colors he wants it in (greys, greens, blues, and white); easy part done now just have to make 150 granny squares and then stitch those all together so piece of cake right (shouldn’t say that since I don’t have the cake done yet)? Oh and did I mention I will not be making just one of these but 2; one for Padawan and one for a foster kid that gets to go to a special camp next summer.

Well, as the post title suggests I am becoming a little unraveled at the moment, well more like Little Miss’ blanket (#4) is looking like it is going to becoming unraveled. See the thing is with crochet is if you are off count somewhere it will totally screw you over the longer it goes unnoticed. And somewhere in my hormonal pregnancy brain stupor, I messed up and at what point that was I still have not figured out. So my hair-brained plan solution can be one of two options: One is to start pulling out stitches and hope I find the mistake or Two pull it all out and start over again….neither of which sounds very exciting at the moment.

I LOVE the colors I chose to do it in. Aren’t they gorgeous?

When I started it I was  about 7 months pregnant and in that full on really uncomfortable  “can I just be done being pregnant” stage. Take my word of caution advice: not the ideal time to start crocheting a blanket. I really loved the pattern when I undertook this project, but after all the researching a pattern for Padawan’s blanket I have found so many other patterns I would love to make it in.

Like this one:

And this one:

And even Padawan’s blanket pattern would look amazing in Little Miss’ colors:

Call me crazy or maybe all the hormones floating around from breasting feeding have dulled my rational thinking abilities but a part of me wants to take the second option and unravel Little Miss’ blanket and start over with a new pattern. Can someone please remind me when a mom’s brain returns to normal functions again cause I am hazy on the details of when that is supposed to happen.


2 thoughts on “Unraveled

  1. Ooh that felt cake is lovely! I normally finish one project before I start another (unless it is made up of lots of components such as a blanket where I will do one square a day as well as some smaller things) but the problem I have is buying supplies for endless amounts of projects and then taking forever to get round to them! There are just too many things that I want to do!

    • Thank you! I try to finish one project before going on to the next but it seems I get distracted easily, more so when I run out of supplies so while I wait for them to come I start a new one since there are too many things I want to do too!!

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