Best $40 Ever Spent

After tending to a fussy baby all day the hubster was gracious enough to take over for a couple hours to let me relax and unwind (and literally wash the stink off myself, showers are a real luxury anymore). Only a few minutes into his round he gave up trying to carry and walk Little Miss around and was willing to try my ergo baby carrier that I had scored off craigslist a couple weeks prior.

Well, it only took him a short while of wearing the babe in her carrier for her to doze off and for him to ask me, “Is this what it feels like to be pregnant? It’s hard to move around with a big weight on the front of me. I need a bigger kitchen in order to move around.”

Best $40 I have ever spent! Thank you ergo for helping my husband get a little taste of what it is like to be pregnant.


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