Today I Cried…

…tears of joy for a family I have never met. I do not remember when it happened or exactly how but I know it started with following a blog because I loved the mother’s craft projects. That is all I remember happening, some random search for a craft project and I was led to a blog that I started following for inspiration ideas for new projects for myself. But it has developed into so much more.

It may have began with reading for the sole purpose of crafts but I soon found myself reading her posts everyday and started to fall in love with her little family that lives so far away from us. Her sons love anything with Star Wars and her daughter is so full of energy and joy that I hope my daughter will be too. And then about the time I was struggling with the fact that I was impatiently waiting for my baby, a year is a long time to try for one and it took a heavy toll on my heart, I turned to her blog for a new kind of inspiration: the inspiration to keep my spirits up and keep moving forward in being positive that someday my arms would be holding a baby once more.

You see, even though her and her husband had been blessed with 4 of the most amazing and kindhearted kids, they have always felt their family would not be complete without adopting a child. They had tried for many years but were faced with roadblocks along the way; poor timing, another pregnancy, no adoptions being allowed from the countries they felt drawn to, but those road blocks never deterred their perseverance, their desire for a child they did not even know.

Today, after all those struggles, after all those tears and prayers, they have their little girl. And I wept right along side them in Hong Kong.  My heart bursts for joy for a family I have never met and will probably never have the chance to but today they have my heart right there beside them as they hold that little precious girl and cover her with kisses, crying tears of joy for them for I know the aching one’s arms feel when they are empty and want to be filled with the weight of a child.

So today I urge you all to go to Hong Kong alongside them and share in their joy and let your hearts be filled with happiness as a family is united. Campbell family may your love and happiness on this day be multiplied and your hearts burst at the seams with blessings that have come to you.

Read the Campbell’s story here:


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