Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Oh my! Sorry I couldn’t help myself with that post title it just sort of happened since we got to spend time with family at our local zoo it felt natural so I went with it.

It was Little Miss’ first time, but I think it was more enjoyable for us than for her. Although she did seem to enjoy her naps while riding around in her ergo baby carrier. I don”t know how I survived without one with Padawan, they are AWESOME! I mean, what more could a breastfeeding momma ask for, it is super comfy not at all awkward like the the Bjorn I had with Padawan and it is super easy to feed the Little Miss while walking so no having to find a place to sit down and then entertain a big brother who wants to see as much as possible in as short as time as possible; I swear he tries to set a world record for fastest sight seeing trips.

Three generations of weird boys.

Not sure what the Padawan was attempting to portray, he said something about being a fish. Grandpa was being his usual self and tried to pull a fake salmon out of the water feature. 

Hmmm, Polar bears and penguins don’t mix. Apparently they have never offered them beer cause the ones I know always get along as long as there is beer around. Just have to remember to hide the duct tape before hand though. 

This cute little guy was holding up the signs, you know the ones that nobody seems to read and then tells their kids the wrong names for the animals lol.

And just to prove that there are animals at the zoo here are some of our favorite animals of the day:

Yes, it seems as though all the animals shared Little Miss’ idea of a good day includes a good nap.

Since she spent most of the trip in this state we had to get a picture of the elephant since Little Miss’ favorite toy is currently a fuzzy pink elephant that she loves to kiss on.

She did wake up for a bit though to be her usual chipper and happy self. Gosh, she looks huge for being only 4 months!

We will leave you all with a mystery, a mystery as to what kind of animal is this and who gave it a slushy?


2 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, and Bears

  1. I will have been/will be spending a lot of time in Portland and I have been curious about the zoo. Not sure that I would actually go there and walk around by myself but it is on my list of things to say that I did in Portland.

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