Yarn Over

After much debate I decided to give trying out one of the other patterns I had discussed talking about here to see if I liked it enough to unravel Little Miss’ blanket and try again. Well, this is the pattern that I decided to try:

And this is how one of the hexagons turned out:

I am not in love with it at all like I thought I would be.The Instagram filter actually makes it better looking in my opinion.  Maybe it is the colors that don’t mesh well together in this pattern. The original colors in my Pinterest pin were more pastel and subdued than those that I have for LIttle Miss’ blanket. So where do I go from here?

Well, the other pattern I love I had a hard time finding anywhere online. As much as I am addicted to love Pinterest, there is always the problem of people pinning things that don’t lead to a real link or to link that isn’t what you want; in this case the pattern to the blanket whereas the link is just to the photo of a blanket.  I try to avoid doing that for my own benefit as well as others but I dropped the ball of yarn on this one sadly. But after some super sleuthing googling I came across the pattern I wanted on ravelry so I downloaded it and gave it a test-run. And after only getting part way through one complete pattern run, I had this:

Epic fail.

It consists of a crochet stitch I have never done before and am having a hard time keeping tight and clean like I like my stitches so I have a hard time imagining completing a whole blanket where I am battling a stitch I haven’t mastered.

Again, I was faced with the decision of either finding my mistake or restarting, neither of which I am willing to commit to. Pinterest to the hindrance rescue and giving me a whole world of other crochet patterns from which to choose from. But the thing is I keep coming back to the chevron/ripple patterns; I love me a good chevron but who doesn’t? And the colors I have for Little Miss’ blanket look amazing in a chevron motif. Well, at least that settles the decision about changing my pattern. Although I did find a gorgeous chevron pattern in a granny stitch. Maybe I will just have to make a blanket for cuddling on the couch.


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