The Big 0-4

It is hard to believe that has been 4 months since Little Miss has joined our crazy loving little family. Seems like yesterday I was still stuck on my own version of bed-rest since my right leg swelled so badly the last 2 months which made me extremely grateful she came a whole week early!

The cute little girl came out with her cheeks.

Needless to say it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t without some heartaches along the way. Little Miss was born with tongue-tie, which means her tongue was attached to the bottom of her mouth making it hard for her to feed properly. Those first couple of days home were not easy, she cried I cried, my boobs cried (she wanted to nurse ALL the time since she was not getting enough and was actually losing weight). It was scary and I did not want to be pushed into using formula but thankfully we found a dentist who snipped the piece of skin holding her tongue down (which was a painless procedure thank goodness) and I began feeding her on a block schedule to ensure she was getting adequate amounts of hind-milk.

That cute little face made it completely worth cutting all the dairy out of my diet (poor thing gets extremely gassy, loses her dinner and gets a rash if I cheat) which is hard to do especially since I can’t have my fancy coffee drinks anymore and cheeseburgers are off the table. But it’s a small sacrifice to pay in order to ensure she is happy and I am not covered in spit-up twice a day.

Well, here it is 4 months later and she has doubled her birth weight (the weight she was before losing a pound). And in these last 4 months we have been blessed to get to know this little bundle of pudgy cheek cuteness.

Her personality is starting to shine through and I think it is ironic hilarious that even though one of her names means “silly” she can be so serious at times.

Tid-bits that belong in her baby-book:

  • Weighs in at a whopping 16 pounds these days (what can I say, the girl likes her milk)
  • Is ticklish and if you are lucky she will let loose and giggle for you
  • Rubs her eyes when she is sleepy the exact same way her daddy rubs his
  • LOVES her pink elephant Eloise
  • Secretly desires to play Star Wars with her brother, but wants a sparkly pink lightsaber which I keep promising her
  • Tries to wave bye-bye
  • Has her mother concerned she is a future Starbucks junkie, seriously the girl gets excited when she sees my cups from there and plays with the empty ones for days on end
  • Favorite place to be is in her baby carrier…like the first statement says she likes her milk and being next to the source is a great comfort to her
  • Can roll over, but hates to since she can’t get back over (it’s hard to move 16 pounds of big baby cheeks)

Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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