Seriously Reconsidering My Decision to be the Stay-at-Home Parent

While I am at home tending to this:

and this:

and trying to figure out what the heck is up with all this:

The hubster is out and about, hanging out smoozing with celebrities:

For those of you who don’t know who the above mentioned celebrity is, just look for the internet explorer commercial that is so popular these days. The guy standing next to the handsome man that is my husband is singer Alex Clare, just ignore the dorky guy on the right we usually do (just kidding Jakers we love ya) .

As I stated above, while I am at home making sure there are clean diapers to clothe Little Miss’ tush, cleaning up the messes that seem to spontaneously erupt like zits before prom, and making sure the Padawan does not burn down the house by the sheer friction created by his massive amounts of energy; the hubster gets to go and enjoy the finer things of living in a big downtown city. In this case, getting to go to a concert during his lunch hour. Hmmm, what did I do for lunch: threw together a Jedi sandwich (PB&J for those that are wondering) and had spit up tossed down my shirt by a very grumpy teething Little Miss.

Hubster thinks he is being sweet by bringing me home videos he takes with his iphone, but it is not the same. What I won’t give to have a glass of wine and enjoy a concert that does not involve me singing an off-key version of Adele (Little Miss has been a fan since in-utero).

Anyone else feeling like joining me on strike? I will provide the sharpies and poster board for our signs if you bring the wine; just for future reference I am partial to a good  Gewurztraminer.


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