Two years ago at this exact moment I was sitting in a chair arguing with the person who made our cake about how much we would pay them, wanting more than anything that it would be the only disaster of the day (it was until we actually saw the cake but that is a story for another day). Thankfully the hubster took over and averted the next Chernobyl crisis by smoothing it all over and doing what he does best and calms me down.

Then at 3’o clock, he took over once more and transported and moved all the small (and BIG) details I had worked on for the last 18 months while I was trying to calm my nerves down enough to try to memorize my written vows while constantly testing the bounds of waterproof mascara.

And then at this precise moment of 4:15 PM, this happened

Time stood still. The man that I had given up on ever finding walked down steps and took me into arms that have never failed me. In that moment, faith and hope were renewed and I knew my life had been truly blessed. Again, I tested the sheer boundaries of modern science and smear proof mascara.

6 o’clock came and I was holding on by a thread. Breathing something I had been doing for 26 years suddenly became something I had to remember how to do. And walking, forget that, even without the gorgeous heels I was lucky enough to get from the man that would become hubster, I could not get my feet to move in a fashion that resembled anything but a combination of a toddler zombie-esque fashion. And then I saw him

And again time stood perfectly still, though my heart felt like running straight into his arms. The calm that now floods through me whenever he is near overtook me and I knew I could get through this without totally ruining my makeup (that was until I made the mistake of looking at the one person I never expected to be tearing up and realized he had failed me, thanks a lot Justin).

Everyday I am so grateful that I found hubster, that the calm he ensues in me has never ceased. When he is away I never feel right, I feel on edge and incomplete, and it is in those times I realize just what I was missing in my life before I meet him. They say there is someone out there for everyone and until I meet hubster I did not really believe that statement; now I do.

Happy Anniversary Thumper, I love you more than I did two years ago and can not wait to see what life brings us on this journey together. I could not ask for a better hand to hold, arms to take refuge in than yours. Thank you for loving me.


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