Proof in the Pinterest

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you have probably heard of Pinterest. For those of you who are not lucky enough to know what it is or smart enough to stay away, it is a site that is basically a digital memo-board to keep track of all those sites you like. Ya, ya, that is what bookmarks are for…but bookmarks don’t have pictures to remind you of why you tagged it in the first place.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account or have never been on it before, be warned it is highly addictive. I blame my massive amounts of unfinished crafts and what not completely on Pinterest. I swear every time I go on it I find a new project I want to undertake.

Well, I am have decided it is time to purge through the every growing Pinterest project list and actually commit to do some of them. I figure I can write about it for all of you so you can find out if the project actually is worth taking a stab at yourself; consider me your own personal Pinterest guinea pig if you will.

So this will be the first Pinterest project that I am going to attack for your amusement benefit.

Every where I seem to look are GIANT canvas prints of gorgeous family photos or wedding photos, but after seeing the ticket price for them I seriously needed a crash cart.  They are spendy; something a mom on a budget would seriously have to crunch pennies for a long time  to get (read: cut out all coffee treats for the next three years which does not make a very happy mama). But thanks to Pinterest this little tidbit of information has been gleaned: you can order photos up to 3′ x 4′ in size called engineer prints from your local Staples or Kinkos.

This route has a couple catches though.

  1. The print  is not high-end photo quality
  2. The image can only be in black and white
  3. The paper it is printed on is really thin and tears easily
  4. You have to figure how the hell to mount it yourself if you want to hang it on your wall

After reading a couple of tutorials like this one and this one; I figured the best plan of attack is to pick a photo that is higher resolution/quality  and  since it can only be printed in black and white to find one that is already stunning in that color motif. With those qualifications, I knew I had to choose from our engagement and wedding pictures; all of which were high resolution and plenty were in black and white already so there would be no surprises in color changes.

These are some of the contenders:

Now since most all of the choices I have for GIANT photos seem to be of the hubster and me the best place to put them I figure is in our bedroom, which seriously is need of some art on the walls.



Just look at how naked bare those walls are! I figure the best place to put these GIANT photos is above our bed and dresser (which made a cameo appearance at our wedding).

Now that to choose the photos that look best on the walls (leaning on choosing a single horizontal photo over the bed and two vertical ones over the dresser), the next step is to go get the supplies and actually have these puppies photos printed up. So in the next few days I will attempt to make a couple of these GIANT photo displays and will report back to you all on just how successful (or not) this Pinterest find is.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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