iPhone Backstroke

My iPhone is not Michael Phelps, not by a long shot. And as a result of finding out this tidbit of information, I also found out that the rice trick (putting a wet electronic in uncooked rice to dry it out) does not work when your iPhone has been fully submerged in the washing machine with the spit-up soaked sheets you quickly ripped off the bed without noticing the poor unsuspecting phone that was tangled up in them.

Ya, I am one of those klutzy accident prone people and sometimes there are fatalities to unsuspecting bystanders such as my iPhone. Poor thing never saw it coming. Just like my poor unsuspecting toe that I broke while trying to clean the house while 6-months pregnant. I try to blame that one on hubsters since it was HIS weights that smashed my toe to pieces but I am probably the sole responsible party here (I will never admit that anywhere else and will deny even typing saying it).

My family keeps teasing me saying that this is one way to get a new iPhone 5. That would be awesome to get but its way too much dinero for this mama to part with for a phone especially when she is busy saving her pennies for one of these:

And not to mention, the sentimental-ness (pretty sure I just made that word up) of my newly deceased phone. We went through a lot together.

A wedding. A first home together. Padawan’s first day of school.

Baking meets dog disasters. Amazing Lego creations. First lost tooth.

Awesome Harry Potter themed dinner party. Arrival of Miss Bright Eyes. Seeing the Weiner Mobile on a random Starbucks trip with family.

At least all those memories are captured and held in my new paperweight.


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