Weekend Warrior vs. Cooper Spur

The hubster is all about being outdoors. Give the man a tent, backpack with food and water, some biodegradable TP, and he is all ready to be thrown out into the middle of nowhere to rough it. Me, I can’t get over the idea of having to dig my own toilet.

This past weekend the hubster got to enjoy a spur of the moment backpacking trip with one of his good friends and his family (I stayed at home with the indoor plumbing and had family come visit me for a change). I oblige these little excursions cause I know how much they mean to him and he always comes back with awesome pictures for me (and rocks for Padawan). Besides absence makes the heart grow fonder, if not for his wife than at least indoor plumbing. Sorry, I will stop with the bathroom humor and share instead some of the amazing photos he brought home for me.



Leave it to the dorky host of the hike to photobomb an awesome photo. 


For those of you that are wondering what trail he took it was the Cooper Spur Trailhead route on Mt. Hood (Trail #643).


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