Five Down, Seven to Go

Til this girl is ready to party.

LIttle Miss just turned a whole whooping 5 months old a week ago; crazy how time flies! Her personality is emerging more and more each day. What we thought was a serious baby last month is full of giggles and high-pitched squeals (we are oddly reminded of Velicoraptors when she does it). It is easily apparent though that she LOVES her big brother.

She is throughly ready to join in all his games and will laugh for him more easily than with anybody else. He barks like a dog and she cracks up, dad does it he gets a stare down like he is the weirdest person in the world. She will scream for his attention when he is eating his lunch and she is trying to get his attention with her out of this world jumper moves.

She is still rocking being worn in her ergo, though she stays awake in it a lot longer than she used. At least enough to give us crazy looks when we “dress” her up while out and about.

It is hard to believe that she has only been with our family for 5 months (sleep deprivation makes it seem a whole lot longer than that). We can’t picture our lives before her, although I get momentary glimpses every now and then though. Having clothes without leaked milk stains seems like an alternate universe but I know I experienced it at some point.

Our Universe’s Little Miss:

  • Is seriously interested in whatever we are eating (or drinking)
  • Can roll with her homies as long as its to the right
  • Has an odd tickle spot located right below her chin on her collarbone (instant laugh fest)
  • Loves to hold her feet, not by the toes but by her her heels, making it a lot more interesting to change her diapers
  • Still shows off her junk in the trunk thanks to her cloth diapers (more on that here)
  • HATES being in her carseat still, especially at night when she thinks she needs to be constantly feeding
  • Naps ?!?! Ha, she laughs at that concept of time.

Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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