It’s Hard to Look Right at You, Baby

so could you scoot back, maybe.

Little Miss has developed a new habit of trying to get as close as possible to my phone (which was thankfully replaced after its predecessors swim in the washing machine, here) or our old point-and-shoot Nikon when I try to grab a shot of her cute mug.  It has come to the point where I have to be sneaky ninja like to get the shot I want to get before she realizes what I am doing.

I know I used part of the wildly popular song that is playing everywhere for this post title, but honestly I cannot stand that song. The only way I can bare it when it comes on is to play this video in my head since I still have not changed the radio presets in the car since the move or remembered to bring new CDS with me when we leave the house. I remember to make sure I have both the kiddos so that should count for something right?


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