Leave Your Apples on the Desk, Please

So after a long wait on getting our supplies and an extended summer vacation ( to the Padawan’s approval), we have finally ventured into the world of homeschooling.

It has been a whirlwind of creating schedules, making a Jedi approved workspace, keeping the mama sane, and general testing of unfamiliar waters. This organized chaos started when this package arrived on our doorstep (finally!).

The Padawan was beyond excited; poor thing is like his mama and was beyond ready to start school. I swear every morning started with the phrase, “Do I get to start school today??  I curbed held my enthusiasm and waited for him so we could open the box together which was not an easy thing to do. I swear it was like Christmas opening that big box that we knew was full of books! Ok, maybe it was just like Christmas  for a school nerd (which I am guilty charged as).

Just look at those beautiful books! Then we attacked delved into the books! Is it just me or are school textbooks some special kind of magic? I loved looking in mine as soon as I got them and that is a trait that is passed down through the wonders of genetics ’cause Padawan was ready to tear into them as soon as I got them out of the box!

Our first day has been filled with getting our bearings on this new and exciting learning adventure. Reading of the teaching manual (thank goodness for that ’cause that was not one of my degrees) and learning to navigate a school schedule at home has been a bit bumpy. But we are okay since we are grading on a curve here since this is our first year doing it and we are fully expecting a few hiccups along the way. Of course those hiccups are more tolerable when there is a Starbucks giftcard and new music from iTunes to smooth things over (that is my defense for the mess on the desk).

It helps to see how enthusiastic he is about learning. He definitely has the learning bug, though his high friction energy makes quiet studying moments like these amazingly rewarding.

And it is amazingly sweet that he wants to help his sister learn with him. He thinks she is in second grade too since he reads his text books to her.


It is too cute to watch her  sit and try to figure out how to color with the crayons he was kind enough to share with her. Yes, I am the type of mom that let’s her 5 month old play with crayons and thankfully baby clothes do not have pockets or the laundry gremlins would have ambushed me for the second time this week (FYI Borax laundry soap gets crayon out of clothes. Trust me, you will thank me sometime for that golden nugget of information).


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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