Whoever Said

“Dog is man’s best friend,” never had a cat like our Samwise.

This cute little photo is almost a daily occurrence. After Little Miss and I lay down together for her morning feeding, our Samwise snuggles in for a our quiet time before the day gets under way. He has done this with both Padawn and Little Miss from the beginning; he take his role of “big brother” very seriously.


2 thoughts on “Whoever Said

  1. We had a couple of cats like that too. My mom would get so scared that the cat would smother our babies, but both cats always made certain to stay away from my babies’ faces and would promptly “come get us,” when the baby fussed.

    • We have had family members be concerned about that too but we have never had a problem. Our sam cries when Bright Eyes gets fussy and at times tries to “kiss” her toes to soothe her.


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