Weekend Warrior vs. Salmon River

So for the second weekend in a row, I was a good wifey and let the hubster leave me alone with two kiddos to go and get in touch with nature:

This time it was with a different friend, who we sadly don’t get to see that often, on a different trail, but in the same Mt Hood wilderness area that we are lucky enough to have in our backyard.

And again, I was lucky enough to have a whole slew of awesome pictures to go through once the hubster got home (a whole 203 of them to be exact) and Padawan got not 1 but 5 rocks from the top of the mountain (a fun tradition we have started with our backpacking trips).

I feel it is only fair to warn you that the rest of this post is photo heavy, so it may load a little slow.

The above photo is one showing what hubster and our friend Nate hiked down to get to the falls. They were worried about what I would say upon seeing what they hiked down. All I have to say is hubster is getting a hiking helmet for Christmas this year.

But I guess I can’t argue with all the gorgeous pics that came out of his “I hope I survive this and my wife doesn’t kill me when she finds out” hike to the bottom of the falls.

And why not scale down some more steep inclines that I will reluctantly tell my wife about later just so we can see some more awesome waterfalls. In his defense, he said it was all in the name of getting good pictures for his wife’s blog. Somehow I doubt that; he would have done it blog or no blog.

They are gorgeous pictures though! Upon getting home hubster found that the smaller falls is called Vanishing Falls while the other large one is Frustration Falls which falls into the Room of Doom…..um, maybe next time he should not tell his wife the names of the bottom of the canyons he scaled down the steep walls of.

Who knew, but guys take pictures of their shoes too!

Hubster is pointing at the tiny blue speck that is his new backpacking tent that marks their campsite. Can you see it (cause I sure don’t, must be like one of those Magic Eye books I was never really good at):

And here is a picture of said camp for those of us who were never good at the Magic Eye Books:

Wish I could give you the back story on this photo, but let’s just say it included a bet and some “My Little Pony” fruit snacks and leave it at that.

For those interested: The trail taken was Snake River Trail #742 in Mt. Hood Wilderness area, the camp was 3 miles in from trailhead, and all the falls were located off the trail (hubster and Nate followed an animal path down. Ya, definitely glad that one of two has wilderness rescue training).


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