Things Are Looking Grimm

For the hubster being allowed to leave the house to go to work is about to end, well maybe just he is not allowed to leave his office during his lunch hour.

First, he brings back pictures like these, from his free concerts at the Bing Lounge (more on that here):

Then it’s these photos of the annual Sand in the City event down the street from his work:

And now, he brings home photos of the popular TV show Grimm (hence, the title of this post) being filmed right outside his office.

Ahem, let’s see what did I do during my lunch hour?? Oh, ya that’s right I made sure you had clean pants to wear to work tomorrow. Maybe I should just stop washing his work clothes and then he will be forced into making Jedi sandwiches and singing Adele off-key while I sip on a glass of wine. Only problem with my diabolical plan is the hubster has drank most of the bottle of wine that resides in our fridge and this week’s laundry is already freshly pressed.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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