Insert Hook

The hubster was away these past couple of weekends, scaling this:

and this:

While I stayed home, scaling this:

If you can’t tell what those are, let me fill you in: they are granny squares for the Padawan’s blanket I am crocheting. After much public debating here and here, I decided to unravel Little Miss’ blanket and begin again. Once I made that decision things got moving pretty quickly, that is until I ran out of yarn and have not been able to find the colors I need anywhere (read that last word like “forever” from the Sandlot movie). Frustrating is a bit of an understatement.

I just want to finish its beautiful chevron wonderful-ness. Even Little Miss loves its gorgeous colors and wavy goodness.

I really did not want to start another project until Little Miss’ blanket was finished but I grabbed the yarn for Padawan’s during a sale and my hands were twitching for something to do during my feeding sessions with the Little Miss. I caved and now my craft to do list is growing around me.

I used the excuse my sister was coming to visit while hubster was out and about in the middle of the wilderness with this crazy:

and this crazy:

to justify it since she like a most of the women in my family are fellow hookers (ha ha, had to do it sorry). Though she is smart and only does small projects like headbands and what not; in other words she is not crazy like her sister and starts huge blankets only to pull it all apart and start again. But then again she is a whole other crazy and does it as a business venture  (check it out here) and gets crazy big orders that have to be filled. At least I just have to finish mine before my kids leave the nest or get married.

I can’t complain though, I love crocheting and hanging out with my sister; throw us in a room with balls of yarn, good coffee, and a couple seasons of Dexter and we are happy little clams. Any time your coffee table looks like this, is considered a good day.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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