30 for 30

Woohoo! I have made it to 30 posts on my humble little blog. It may not be much but after trying to do a blog once twice thrice and never making it past the first 2 or 3 posts, getting to 30 is a big deal. It is even more of an accomplishment when you factor in I am now the ring leader for my own personal circus. So for fun I thought this post could be a little more quirky than normal and I could share one of my favorite things: lists. I make a lot of lists; lists for just about everything, I used to have a journal filled with lists for groceries, bills to pay, ideas for crafts, things I wanted to accomplish that year; you get the idea if there was information that could be written out in a column headed by numbers I probably had it.

Well, I thought this post could feature that oh-so favorite way of mine to organize data (random or scholarly) and share a little bit more about myself (and by extension the rest of the Ponderosa gang). So here it is the list of lists 30 random facts you probably didn’t know about me and may have not even wanted to know. Enjoy!

  1. Until recently I lived within 5 miles of my childhood home and ALL my family members, whereas the hubster has moved more times than he can count
  2. Hubster and I had 4 classes together yet we never spoke to each other until his last day of class (a class I wasn’t even in and he made himself late to by stoping to talk to me)
  3. Hubster knew he wanted to marry me after our first date where I spilt coffee all over myself. He says that was how he knew I was the one.  I wasn’t too sure, I mean what grown man orders hot chocolate when you go out for coffee?!?!
  4. I may be asking for a glass of  Gewürztraminer now (here) but my drink of choice used to be a Pendleton whiskey
  5. The only book I have ever cried while reading is The Deathly Hallows when Snape dies; it gets me everytime
  6. Padawan may look like the biggest Star Wars fan around these neck of the woods, but sad as it is to admit I am a bigger dork than him and spent much of my awkward phase in middle school reading Star Wars books 
  7. We may not have cable but we stock our TV chest with these goodies: How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, Dexter, Lost, and my guilty pleasure Glee
  8. 8 is my favorite number
  9. Little Miss is named after me, well after the  hubster’s nickname for me
  10. Less than 3 hours after taking the first of three pregnancy tests for Little Miss, hubster left and went canyonering
  11. The first person to know about Little Miss (besides the hubsters and I  obviously) was Padawan; he had been asking for a baby sister since he was three so we figured we owed it to him. So glad we captured his reaction during our family pictures 
  12. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist/writer for National Geographic
  13. I went to school and when I left I had a degree in Historical Archaeology with a minor in Art History
  14. My go-to sick movie used to be Finding Nemo (here) but it is now Julie & Julia (I secretly pretend to be able to cook like that when I make Jedi Sandwiches “Saaaave the liver”)
  15. Hubster’s favorite number is 16 because he was born 16 minutes before his twin sister
  16. Broken bones in this family include: my arm (I was 4), my toe (I was 6 months pregnant with Little Miss), and Padawan’s elbow…he was bummed cause they won’t put a cast on it and the sling they put him in didn’t allow him to play Star Wars with his cousins
  17. Hubster and I still have Padawan convinced that our car is really a Transformer named Nox
  18. I am a night-owl hence the reason my quiet/craft time usually happens around 11PM
  19. Like a true North Westerner my coffee order is 5 words long: Grande Decaf Soy Caramel Macchiato
  20. Little Miss has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye, which we think is pretty awesome
  21. These guys are my blogging heroes: Young House Love
  22. I solely place blame on the aforementioned blog heroes for my penchant for ceramic animals (my new desire is this guy) 
  23. I recently renewed my vows to my long-term friend Dove deodorant after the Tom’s fiasco of 2012 (here)
  24. We are a house divided: I say “pop” and hubster says “soda”
  25. Most days I have no idea what is going in his little mind 
  26. Clean sheet day is the best day of the week!
  27. The first thing I EVER won was a free engagement session from local photographer Jasmine Photography (hubster thinks he won because we both entered) 
  28. Hubster is one of the only people I know who falls asleep while drinking coffee 
  29. Little Miss laughs like nothing else when Padawan dances for her, but when the hubster does it she has a very concerned look on her face. Wonder what that says about our dancing skills?
  30. Even though I am against digging my own hole (here), the archaeologist in me knows that digging in a privy is a veritable gold mine (thought I would save that little nugget of information for last)

So there it is a list of 30 very random tid-bits about us here on the Ponderosa. And who knows, if enough people like this little list we just may have to it make a regular appearance on the big posts (50, 75, 100) and maybe we will even take some reader suggestions on what the lists should be about (our favorite movies, foods, things we are scared of, you get the idea). Thanks to everyone that has stopped in and been a part of the first 30!


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