Columbus Discovers Ikea

I don’t think that when Columbus set out to discover a new world he had envisioned giant Swedish stores full of furniture and home goods taking over said new world, must have been a sad world he envisioned without an Ikea in it. For some strange reason, Columbus Day is a day that hubster’s office observes and we had an extra person in the house on a weekday and we figured what better way to spend the afternoon than exploring the new world that is Ikea. This impromptu trip was spurred by a visit from my family and the zoo being too close to closing time to make much of a trip out of it. But this mama isn’t complaining none!

Especially when I get to visit my dream family room. I can never get enough of those built-in look shelves. Just look at all that storage, a mom’s dream come true.

And where else can one randomly play on furniture, in storage bins and what not. It’s like a grown-up play ground. The Ikea commercial makes me crack up every time I see it cause I too would want to live there.

Whoever gave the Padawan the remote to the bed was clearly not thinking. DayDay was lucky it  was a display model and probably not up to full power capabilities.

We probably could have the two of them there for the rest of the night and they probably would have been perfectly content. Well, that is if DayDay’s phone is fully charged.

After a meandering walk through the showroom we stopped at the restaurant (a first for us) and we were mildly impressed. Wonder if Columbus and his men would be jealous of our Swedish apple pie and veggie wrap we devoured after our exploration of a new world?

Little Miss was not entirely impressed with the menu.

But she was impressed with the slide in the children’s area.

And with this crate of weird stretchy blankets, that would be really fun for a “big girls” room for her someday down the road.

Just when you think she could not get any cuter low and behold she does!

After all this Columbus Day full of discovering and shopping (we only walked away with a cutting board and cookie cutters that look like woodland animals), all we had left to do was fill our bellies with warm soy caramel macchiatos and enjoy some crochet time with a new show we found via Netflix. Ya, be jealous Columbus!


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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