Rocket Man

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they no longer feel like acting silly. Apparently that time has come for Padawan. During a quick trip to visit family we stopped in at the local Tar-jay and had some fun with my sister.

We had to convince Padawan that he had to try on the rocket ship costume, he was none to pleased with us. And even less so when I snapped a quick picture.

Just look at that scowl. At times like these I am reminded just how much Padawan is like his mama; so shy at times and easily embarrassed (not to mention I passed down the gene for klutziness). I would have been in tears if I had been forced to put on a costume in the middle of a store. I was am nothing like my younger sis who has no problem doing off the wall things like putting on a children’s costume in the middle of the store.

Hopefully she doesn’t kill hurt me too bad for posting them here for all to see! I am sure if I volunteer to ball her yarn for her she will be quick to forgive, at least I can hope.

His sweet little face is always so full of expression and energy that sometimes I forget how sensitive he is at times. I am thankful that I have a bit of an easier time breaking out of my shell thanks to the hubster (although I will admit he has had to use a crow-bar at times to get me out of it) and that through his encouragement my son can learn to feel free to act as silly as he pleases. And I know if all else fails I can always send him to my sister to teach him a thing or two.


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