Keep Calm

I feel like a bad blogger. After my successful week a couple weeks ago of getting a post a day up, I have slumped into a stupor and missed a couple days this past week. Note a good feeling to roll off that accomplishment high. In my defense though I have had a lot going on. For starters, homeschooling is hard work. Whoever painted the rosy picture that it was easy and rewarding lied through their teeth. I knew going into it that it would be work and that it would be somewhat time consuming, but I guess I failed to account for a nursing 5 month old and a high energy 7 year old. I have a bad habit, and I am the first to admit it, that I always fill my plate way too full and then try to do everything all at once. I need to learn portion control and as a new homeschooling mama that is something that is going to have to happen soon or my well cleaned home will not survive.

Well, it is either that or I have one of you all come and clean my toilets for me. No takers? I didn’t think so. Or how about folding my laundry? Not that either huh? That’s okay I would probably just go through and refold it all anyway  especially since I know how to properly fold those darn fitted sheets into a pretty little package for the linen closet.

So my lack of enthusiasm this past week for being diligent about getting a post up each day also stems from the numbers of views for my first “full” week of blogging. It was kind of a bummer let down to see that I had more views the weeks before than that “full” week.

I know I am not going to get five million hits in one month like my blog heroes anytime soon but it would be nice if numbers went up instead of visiting the penguins in the Antarctic. So what is a slightly discouraged sleep deprived blogger to do?

That’s right, I am going to keep moving along and plucking away at this little spot of the blogosphere that I call home. But since I am ever the organizer/list maker I figure at the end of this week I will publicly declare my goals and why I am blogging so if not only for all of you (there are people out there reading this right? anybody?) to keep me accountable but also so I can’t allow myself to make an excuse and backslide again. So grab your favorite type of brew and sit back and relax cause this little blog is not going anywhere!


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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