Crouching Mama, Hidden Veggies

As a growing family of 4, we are not only big on saving money where and when we can but also providing healthy meals that nourish us and provide plenty of flavor. The hubster and I have been looking into the Paleo-diet recently as well as a clean-living diet, but we have not made the commitment to either just yet. Meal planning is not in my arsenal yet and the recipes we have found seem to require quite a bit of planning out as far as gathering groceries and what not, make my own ketchup um ya sure I have time to do that cause what homeschooling/mother of an infant doesn’t have time to make her own condiments?!?

But that is not to say we do not try to follow some good guidelines for our diet and what we put in our mouths (coffee doesn’t count right?) and have been trying to introduce new recipes into our stash that are quick and painless ( I am accident prone remember?). Well, last night I decided to try a new one out on my own (aka I prepped it all during school lunch break and Little Miss’ brief nap).  I was excited to give it a try since I lurve me a good meatloaf, it is one of my favorite comfort foods again. I say again cause I could not be around meat cooking will pregnant with Little Miss, so I am glad its on the table again.

I got even more excited to see the bowl full of ingredients. You have to admit that is one gorgeous bowl of yumminess! And what mama doesn’t want to sneak in vegetables where ever she can. I snuck in a two whole carrots and a gorgeous green zucchini in there (hopefully they stay hidden in there and Padawan doesn’t notice).

And what better to go with meatloaf than roasted brussel sprouts. Seriously, that is the only way to cook them: sprinkled with a little olive oil and butter and roasted in the oven for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Oddly, enough Padawan loves brussel sprouts and eats them up without complaining too much. The ones we got for this meal came from Trader Joe’s and were still on the stalk (a certain Jedi thought it looked like a vegetable lightsaber), which believe it or not is cheaper than buying by the pound at Safeway.

Interesting thing to have stashed in your fridge, the by the pound sprouts are definitely easier to store so I will probably cut them off and Ziploc bag them if we go this route next time.

And to round off our plates some of my favorite sweet potatoes/yams which are easily cooked in the microwave for four 5 minute intervals, a little trick I learned from Nom Nom Paleo; never ran into an issue with them being cooked this way yet. We don’t even add butter to them and yet they still taste like candy to me.

I am sorry for lack of a picture of the finished product, I was on baby duty when it was time to pull everything out of the oven so hubster did it for me and it wasn’t until I had eaten over half my plate that I realized I forgot to snap a pic. But I can say that it was delish and that both hubster and Padawan (who was known the wiser to be ninja like veggies hiding skills) approved. Hubster even said he was never a fan of meatloaf until he met me (aww).

**If you are wondering where I got the recipe I got it from here, but I subbed in ground turkey breasts for ground hamburger.


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