We Like Big Butts

Especially when they are covered in cloth diapers!

It has become a little joke in the family that Little Miss has quite a bit of junk in her trunk thanks to her FuzziBunz and their ample amount of padding they add to her posterior. Hubster and I have even been known to sing her a little rendition of the title’s origin (am I the only one that thought that episode of Friends would never happen to themselves??)

It has been 4 months of washing them in a top loading machine with Tide Free & Clear and so far it has been 4 months of having had no issues (knock on wood).

We tried a family member’s HE front loader and was sorely disappointed. It did not get them very clean smelling and our one time stink issue occurred right after this incident. I do not see the benefit of having an HE washer if we have to run multiple loads for just 17 diapers.

Aww, fresh from the laundry smelling all clean!

I feel like we cut the non-greenness factor of using more water to clean the diapers by the fact that our dryer (it came with our rental) is evil and only has one setting (HIGH heat, which we can’t use with our dipes) by hanging them out to dry. Since we live in a part of the country that receives a lot of rain for the next 9 months of the year, you may be wondering where we hang those bad boys. Well, on our bed frame of course.

It does the job pretty darn well and it costs us nada which is a whole lot better than the $25+ for the drying racks we have found at Target. I would LOVE to get the fold out drying rack from Ikea but don’t have a place to bolt it into the wall currently.

Any other cloth-diaper mamas out there rocking the air dry method? Or are you lucky enough to have a dryer with more than one setting?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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