So Tell Me Again Why You Are Doing This Blog Thing?

Here it is the end of the week and as I stated earlier I am publicly declaring my  goals for my little blog. So after countless drafts (each with their own coffee at hand) and many deep diggings into my personal expectations for myself which was promptly followed by asking myself “can I achieve this without going crazy?!?”  I created a list of goals that are pretty basic but are a good jumping off point for the me growing as a blogger. So without further ado, I present you with the goals I hope to will accomplish.


  1. To post 4 times a week on a regular basis, working my way up to 5 times a week (Saturdays and Sundays there will be no posting, cause even this mama deserves a weekend)
  2. To redesign the blog so it feels more like a blog than a website. I personally don’t like having to click to read a full article, how about you?
  3. Create a Facebook page solely for Portlandian Bonanza which will link up to the PB’s instagram, give sneak peeks to upcoming posts, and possibly eventually do little giveaways once the readership is up (cause who doesn’t like to win stuff).
  4. To get up on it and actually do that Pinterest post I wrote about in the beginning and to do more DIY full feature posts (try for 1 a month)
  5. Improve my photography skills and thanks to hubster that will be easier pretty soon (thanks for sticking by me while I get by with iPhone pics, it is much appreciated)
  6. Purchase a pretty day planner soley for Portlandian Bonanza and learn to plan out posts
  7. Learn to organize and design a better blog by reading other bloggers helpful tips
  8. Revamp the “ABOUT” section of the blog
  9. Create “feature” posts (I am willing to take suggestions! What do you want to read about?)
  10. Improve my proof reading or start insisting the hubster read over them before I hit publish

I tried to keep my goals realistic and not too lofty because I want to be able to achieve them. Not to mention that I want this little blog to be something fun and that I continue to be passionate about, but I also want it to grow and prosper. I know I need to stop worrying about my stats on daily basis (anyone know how to hide that dashboard button) and just focus on having fun, sharing our crazy and sweet life we have here at Portlandian Bonanza while throwing in some DIY projects and crafts every so often. And hopefully, all of you that have commented, liked, and followed me here will continue to stick around cause I plan on going for the distance here and have many adventures planned for us!

Any guesses on where the title of this post comes from? Come on guys, I know you can figure it. I practically gave you the answer in a previous post.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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