My What a Pretty Blog You Have

The past couple days poor little Miss Bright Eyes has been experiencing her very first cold. You know you have a bad-case of serious mom-love when you stay up all night with a snot nose baby and have to change the bed sheets since said snot-nosed baby spit up all over them from coughing so hard and yet you still kiss on their cute sick-jammie toes.

Needless to say there was not much time spent to blogging between the laundry and wiping boogies out of cute little noses. That in no way means I was not attacking my list of goals mentally, cause I totally was all up on it and had it totally tackled down and done in my head; too bad that didn’t translate over and miraculously get things done for me in real life. During school lunch breaks I have been tinkering around with different themes for the look/layout of Portlandian Bonanza and I have come up with a couple contenders to possibly switch over to in the next few days.

One of the reasons I choose WordPress this time for my blog was because of the layouts being more professional looking; you won’t be finding fancy fonts here (I find them very hard to read and distracting and feel put off by blogs that have them). After trying other blogging platforms with my other two three attempts I came to realize that for me personally blogging is more about the content than all the bells and whistles of fancy fonts and splashy colors. I matured in my style I guess you could say. Don’t get me wrong I love the current background for PB (that is not going anywhere for awhile) and the insta-love widget, ya that is staying too.

And if you could not all ready tell, this is the current decor of Portlandian Bonanza.Pretty yes? But not quite right. One of the main things that I do want to change is the website-y feeling it has; I don’t like it. I want it to feel more like a traditional blog, if that makes any sense. So one of the features that drew me to WordPress (I don’t know if you can do it other platforms) but you can see what a theme looks like for your blog without having to switch it over. It like being able to try on shoes without having to buy them, SCORE!

So while I was tending to snotty noses and correcting math papers, I would tinker around with different themes. The first real contender was the Comet theme.

Ya, it is nice looking but it lacks something don’t you think? I do like how all the posts can be read without having to individually click each and everyone. I realize the widgets I have didn’t show up in the preview and that would definitely add some personality to the look of it but the header just does nothing for me.

The next contender was the guy above, Indeation & Indent, which I like the look of but then I lose the ability to look at the whole post without clicking it.

I still haven’t really decided what theme to change to but it is clear that at some point in time I will want to personalize my blog more than the standard WordPress platform allows, but I guess I will cross that road when it comes and for now I will work on making PortlandianBonanza look its best and keep the focus on the content cause to me that is what really matters.

Any other bloggers out there considering a theme change? What are the important aspects to you as a blogger; layout, fonts, big pictures, etc?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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