Whoah, We’re Half Way There

Wowzer, half a year, my little peanut is half a year. I am starting to feel like I have slept through the last 6 months and someone has replaced my tiny little nugget with a chunky little monkey who thinks it is funny to bounce on mommy’s bladder when ever she is placed on her feet. Hmmm, maybe it is the same baby cause I am pretty sure my bladder recognizes those jumping patterns of using her little toes to dig in and push off like a little ballerina. Ya, definitely same baby.

So what else does a 6 month old pint-size prima ballerina do to occupy her time besides give her mom’s biceps a good work out. Let’s see she still thinks her big brother is the bees-knees and thinks ANYTHING he does is the most hilarious thing she has seen in her short little life, she is still oddly skeptical of her dad’s dance moves (mom only dances with her not for her cause I have skills no one needs to see).

Poor cat is not going be safe for much longer. Samwise puts up with a lot from Little Miss but I don’t think it will last much longer than the first crawling cat chase. Her little legs go all sorts of crazy whenever Samwise is near her and it is only a matter of time before she figures out how to get them moving her in a forward direction. Although she has mastered the “roll til I get where I want to go” maneuver, well that is as long as it is to the left (to the left, to left).

Unlike most ballerians who watch their weight for the sake of their art, Little Miss continues to love to eat and is insanely interested in the food that mom eats. She has even gone as far as to snatch the egg-roll off of my dinner plate and stick her hands in my cereal while I am eating it. Thanks hun, just what I wanted baby-finger spit flavored cereal; breakfast of champions. And flour tortillas, they are the best thing as far as she is concerned. I just don’t like peeling them out of her hands. Ever step on a slug, ya that is the consistency of baby drool soaked tortillas.

Don’t even think of holding the little ballerina while drinking any sort of beverage, she will try to rip that sucker out of your hands before you can place your coffee order. She is particularly fond of Starbucks cups, don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

So when Little Miss isn’t practicing her on points, sneaking drinks of my coffee while I am not looking, and causing Samwise to find every available and nearest hiding spot; she is full of smiles and giggles lately. I am one happy mama that is sure glad that she isn’t as serious as I first thought, a mama is happy when her baby smiles it lets them know that their never ending job of keeping clean diapers on hand, teethers in the fridge, Muppet movies on repeat (total lifesaver for her first cold, she loves listening to them sing), and lack of a daily shower  is totally worth it.

At 6 months this little ballerina’s resume would include:

  • Weigh in a hair under 20 pounds, but it is a slim 20 pounds (except for the cheeks, the cheeks still remain)
  • Smile is still gummy though that isn’t for lack of trying to get new teeth
  • Knows her way around a Mac, so much so she does things that her mama hasn’t figured out how she does it yet (I think that the cat is secretly teaching her his ninja computer skills, still have no idea how he set my homepage)
  • Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down, Little Miss still does though but each day she is getting better at sitting herself up all on her own
  • Napkins and magazines are awesome toys in her opinion
  • Jumping in a jumper is an Olympic sport which she would totally nail getting the gold in

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