Light. Focus. Aperture. Zoom.

What girl has the best hubster ever? This girl sure does. After a pretty tough week, which meant I consumed my weight in coffee and chocolate chip cookies, the hubster decided to get and give me my birthday/Christmas present early this year. I could almost squeal through the computer I am so excited!

Isn’t he beau.ti.ful?!?!? I haven’t named him yet (yes, I will name my camera) but I am completely enamored nonetheless. I was feeling pretty bummed about not having a higher quality camera besides my iPhone and our run down point and shoot. And it was even more of a downer that there was an AWESOME deal that would expire before my change jar would be able to support said dream of fancy camera. Hubster to the rescue and said we would spot the difference as my birthday/Christmas present (only plus side to having a birthday so close to Christmas).

For those of you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you probably saw this sneak peak of a picture when the squeal inducing box arrived. Samwise was throughly pleased to have a new box to play in and smell over. It’s the simple things that make the life of an indoor cat so sweet.

I am so excited to get to learn how to be a better photographer and to play around with it more. Hubster and I try not to spoil each other by spending lots of money but when he gets the chance to, he really does make me feel loved and all warm and fuzzy inside. He usually gets all creative in the giving process like when he hid my new iPod in a book (which I got mad about since I thought he cut apart the book I wanted to read; he switched the covers the tricky trickster) or when he filled a new Coach purse with new books, movies, and other little surprises when all I thought I was getting was a new purse/bag for school. He is pretty awesome like that.

I am glad that he didn’t make me wait for this one. Just look how gorgeous of pictures it takes!

I think even though hubster was probably full of good intentions I think he had alterer motives. You see when he went with our friend Nate on his Salmon River backpacking trip he got to use Nate’s new camera and has said recently how he can’t wait to try it out on the trails. Hmmm, I guess I will just have to girl-fy it some with a homemade camera strap cover like this one:

or this one:

Photos found via Pinterest

The past few days have been spent tinkering around with Ansel (yes, I decided on a name already) and trying my best to learn how to navigate without using the AUTO and preset settings. This girl is all about learning how to use the MANUAL setting, otherwise what is the point of a nice fancy camera.  I am already looking for books at the local library to help me with developing (nice camera pun there huh?) my new skills, not that I don’t have some mad Instagram skills under my belt. But family albums can’t be filled with Instagram photos, although you can make some pretty awesome magnets with them….too bad our fridge is stainless steel and rejects magnets.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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