Oh My Gourd!

This past weekend we made a little trip to the middle of our beloved state to visit some of the hubster’s family. While there we stopped at the local pumpkin patch but before that we had to follow tradition and eat at a local shop that we have eaten at every time we head east since we first started dating. Little did we know that they had recently renovated since our last visit and had added an awesome godzilla painting. Cue awesomeness here:

If you follow us on Facebook you may have gotten a glimpse of Little Miss enjoying her first taste of noodles (we ordered her her own bowl of yakisoba noodles minus the sauce). I don’t know who had more fun, her playing with the noodles or us watching her facial expressions. The girl had noodles mashed up everywhere, I am surprised I didn’t find any stuffed into her fuzzi bunz for later.

While Little Miss was enjoying her noodles, this mama was enjoying a bowl of heaven which included brown rice, chicken, pineapple, and coconut shavings. To say it was delicious would be a serious understatement.

With warm, full bellies we thought it was time to brave the cold and windy outdoors in search of our favorite gourds (sorry Jimmy and Jerry): pumpkins. I seriously love our state, where else can you pick pumpkins with a backdrop like this:

This was only a day after receiving Ansel in the mail and our first family outing he got to tag along on, so lots of artsy-fartsy artistic shots like this one:

and this one:

made it into the total of 198 photos that I took at just the pumpkin patch alone (might have to upgrade the memory card sooner than I thought).

Even though Padawan is a HUGE Star Wars fan, the boy loves Westerns so we were quite surprised when he asked us why people still ride horses. We asked him in return “Why does John Wayne ride horses?” His answer, “Cause he didn’t have a car.” Touche.

At the end of the day though he had fed a horse and rode one as well (ok, it was a pony but a horse nonetheless) which hopefully gave him an understanding of why some people still like to ride them. And don’t ask about the odd way he was wearing his coat and scarf, sometimes I don’t even have a sane explanation for what goes on his brain.

Little Miss was not too sure about them while hubster held her and fed them alongside Padawan. I would be scared too if I was a little human and had a giant creature sniffing my hair like it was it’s next meal.

So after pumpkin doughnuts (must find recipe!!) and standing out in the bitter cold wind, it was time to seek shelter make our way through the corn maze. We were bummed to find out the the previous year’s theme was Star Wars but as products of the ’80s we were pretty stoked that it was something cool like Pac-Man and not some weird thing like Monster High or some weird Japanese cartoon we can’t pronounce. This is one mama that is glad she kept her old-school Strawberry Shortcake dolls, My Little Ponies, and buckets of Legos.

I asked hubster what exactly he was doing. He says he was copying Yoda…must be one of those Magic Eye tricks cause I don’t see it.

Little Miss wasn’t too fond of the corn maze, poor thing was getting over a cold and just wanted to be held and loved on. Even in her favorite baby carrier she looked grumpy and was only happy when hubster was holding her so she could play with the zipper on his jacket.

But her brother was having an excellent time riding in the wagon with his cousins. I think someone needs to remind him he is a big boy now, but heck I was willing to join them under those blankets with some hot cider after being out in the cold for most of the day.

Despite the cold and a few minor setbacks in the corn maze, for future reference Siri cannot help you find your way out of a corn maze if you don’t know the address so if you are stuck in a scary movie version do not turn to her for help, we eventually did make it to the patch part of the pumpkin patch. Yay, for pumpkins!

There were surprisingly quite a few pumpkins left even though this was the last weekend before Halloween. It took a lot of convincing to get Padawan to leave without trying to drag home the largest pumpkin he could find, his solution was just to go get a wheelbarrow to take it to the car. Never mind we would not be able to fit the luggage back into the car with his choice of pumpkin. We finally did settle on a decent sized white pumpkin (thank goodness) that both mama and Padawan could be happy with and headed back to the car were the modern wonders of seat warmers were waiting for one cold mama.

How about all of you? DId you find a good pumpkin this year? Was it from the grocery store, local patch, or like us did you trek across the state to get one? Anyone else have favorite spot to stop during travels for a bite to eat or coffee to warm up with?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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