Family Is About Trusting Each Other To Not Land On You Or The Baby

Another year has snuck up on us and we again have a new set of family portraits to beautifully adorn our walls.

It is hard to believe that this fun little tradition started here on our wedding day:

and blossomed into this cute and crazy shot:

and has come to its “completion” with our newest addition, Little Miss:

We used the same wonderfully talented photographer as last year (Katie, you totally rock!), added a new venue, and a healthy dose of Padawan energy and came up with some very awesome pics if I do say so myself.  It is hard to nail down what one’s I absolutely lurve the most but I will try and show you some of my top contenders for this year.

I love her facial expression in this one! Despite that silly face she loves her brother immensely, and she is even trying to say her own version of “brother.”

At left we have the “mom” version of a portrait and at right we have a “dad” version, which pretty much sums up our parenting styles to a t.

I believe the premise for this photo started with Padawan asking if he could have one of him running. Boys.

The lighting in the top of the two photos is AMAZE-BALLS, I want to enlarge that photo on top and frame it in a panoramic frame. I remember my first camera was one of those fancy film cameras you could change its size setting to panoramic. I think I used a whole roll of film using that setting at one point or another, so it is pretty safe to say I rock the panoramic shots when I can.

The above photos started with Padawan wanting to jump like he did the year before. Then it was the hubster saying “Here, let me jump over you.” The ending result is this:

Which has got to be one of the BEST family portraits I have ever seen, but then again I am pretty bias about this contest. And if you could not guess is the reasoning behind today’s post title.

Yes, the photo on the bottom left is of us poking out from behind trees, if you have a 7-year old you completely understand or at least I hope you understand their moments of crazy genius ideas you indulge cause you love them so much.

Sad to say we have never had a true complete family portrait including our eldest child the great Samwise, but seeing that he like most cats does not enjoy a leash we don’t feel safe taking him out and about cause we all know how he fairs with the great outdoors. Maybe someday we will have to work something out and include our fuzz ball in this fun little tradition of ours.

**If you are ever in search of amazing and crazy talented photographers for yourselves please look up Alexis with Jasmine Photography (she did our engagement and wedding) and Katie of Katie Shroy Photography (our family portrait extraordinar).


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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