Playing Hooky

Agh! I have been such a slacker these last couple weeks with keeping up with blogging but in my defense I have been busy with this little adorable cutie.

And even more busy with the yarn she is so infatuated with. I have been up to my eyeballs with yarn, buttons, and hooks and have made countless stitches (am I the only crocheter out there that wonders just how many individual stitches go into each project or that they have made in a lifetime of hooking?) So what you ask has the yarn in my super-stylish Trader Joe’s bag been reincarnated into? Well, first off there are many projects going at once here (hey, it is me we are talking about remember and I am never happy unless I am juggling multiple projects at the same time).

Secondly, some of them are Christmas presents so I sadly can’t divulge all their wonderfulness just yet. Don’t worry there are some pretty awesome little yarn-y tidbits that are not destined for the tree that I can’t wait to share with you once my model cooperates. Lastly, some of these awesome creations I am getting ready to venture into the world of actually selling. My sweet and stitch rockin’ sis is letting me showcase some of my works in her online shop to sell and I am all kinds of crazy nervous.

Nervous that they won’t sell and at the same time hella nervous they do sell and I get burnt out from trying to upkeep with the orders. Cue crazy what the hella am I thinking rant here. Now that that is over I will leave you with a little hint at some of the loverlies to soon be debuting here in the near future (blame it on aforementioned model, those prima-donnas can be so fussy).


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