For The Birds

This past weekend we were tipped off by one’s of the hubster’s coworkers about an art show benefitting the local Audubon Society. Though I have no real artistic skills besides my crafty-ness, I still appreciate other’s abilities to create beauty out of nothing; maybe even more so since I lack that skill. And add in that it has been non-stop rain since last week, we were ready to do something that got us up and out of the house.

There were booths and booths of amazing artists and artisans showing off their skills. It is times like these you wish you had an unlimited amount of cash to spend. I did not take photos of any of the artwork since I felt it would be wrong to do so, I personally would not want someone taking photos of my hard work and blasting it all over the internet sphere so I try to respect others by not doing the same. But man I wish you could have seen some of the things that were exhibited, makes me wish I had some basic artistic skills besides drawing stick figures and my infamous cartoon cat I drew for a comic strip in my jr. high newspaper (big dork alert there if there ever was one). An even bigger dork alert is that I was in love with the giant bird mobile that was part of the display. Anyone have any ideas on how to convince the hubster we need one in our home?

Isn’t it just plain awesome?!?

If you could not tell from the previous photos there was one of those old glass elevators that we had hoped to take to the top floor (it was only 9 but that is still cool for a 7 year old Padawan) but sadly they had the elevators locked and no rides were to be had. Between you and me I think the hubsters was equally disappointed.

Their disappointment was destroyed though when we found these guys:

These birds were pretty much the bomb diggity, I mean just get a load of that owl she was beautiful (she was a Great Horned owl and the itty bitty guy was an American kestral for those interested). All the birds that were featured were birds that had been rehabilitated (from an injury or taken away from someone who was keeping them as a pet) and unable to be let back into the wild. Getting to see these guys up close and personal totally made the admission price worth it. Not to mention that Little Miss thought they were great and did some great arm flapping bird impressions, you know for a 7 month old they were pretty spot on.

All in all, it was an excellant family outing; the birds totally made the trip. Padawan said his favorite bird was the Great Horned owl which I have to agree was pretty gorgeous


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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