Seven Going on Twelve

Where did my little baby go? She seems to have disappeared and been replaced with an army crawling, “dada” whispering, nerf gun toting (ok more like gnawing) little person. I don’t think I am ready for this.

I can’t believe all the changes in Little Miss in the last month. Her chunky little face has slimmed down and those roll-polly thighs have caused an uproar in the diaper department, aka this mama had to go through and size them all down to prevent leaks from happening. Not only is she slimming down and getting crazy kinds of baby tall, she is all about sitting up on her own,  pulling herself into the standing position, and recently (as in yesterday) getting crazy efficient at her army crawling.  One of these nap times I have a feeling I should further baby-proof the house.

It’s not like we have cool industrial artwork or anything laying around, but suddenly everything is a potential threat for our thrill seeker. The girl likes to get as close as possible to the edge of the couch and peek over. Don’t even think about taking away her “peek-a-boo” time, it is the thrill of her daily routine and she could play forever with anything handy, washcloths, blankets, and even her mama’s current crochet project, if you let her.

Even though doctors say you can start introducing foods at 6 months, this mama is one nervous nellie since Little Miss reacts to my diet who knows if she is allergic to anything else! Not to mention the whole poo situation will change and thus our great cloth diaper routine will need to be revised and I am not sure how to deal with that just yet (any tips from any other cloth diapering mamas out there?)

But on the non-poo side of things, Little Miss is full of all sorts of talent these days. Her expanding vocab includes the basics like “mama” and “bra bra” (brother) and the ultra cute whispering “dada” she does when daddy is asleep. Her and the hubster have made their own little party trick together,  and when her daddy gets home from work she demands his attention in her best velicoraptor impression screech that has her mama recalling just how scary those scenes from Jurassic Park were for her 11 year old self. But then her cute little face reminds me that I don’t have to worry about those scary scenes of dinosaurs opening doors and to be thankful I am not a tortilla.

Seven Things Little Miss Can Do, That Velicoraptors Cannot

  1. Play laundry truck with mama while doing the laundry, who knew being covered in clean laundry and pushed around in a laundry basket was such entertainment
  2. Enjoy ice water out of her favorite purple sippy cup
  3. Play “baby ninja”
  4. Not have a single tooth to show for months of teething and drool soaked shirts
  5. Take a bath in the “big girl” tub, she screams if you put her in the baby tub
  6. Amaze people with her two different eye colors, which haven’t changed since she was born except to get lighter
  7. Destroy Lego City in one attack of Baby Zilla; got to hand it to the population of Lego City though for their tenacity and continuing to build in a Baby Zilla attack zone.

Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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