Today’s post marks 50 posts for us here at Portlandian Bonanza, woo-hoo! Some of you may remember when we hit 30 posts and we thought that was a major accomplishment well apparently if you add 20 more to that the excitement level goes up quite a bit. I know that I tossed the idea around about doing a list of facts about us here on Portlandian Bonanza for the “big” posts but I really didn’t want to think of a list of 50 things and I am sure most of you would not want to read through a list of 50 random things. So how else to celebrate this momentous occasion (besides baking a cake, okay maybe a pie since our Thanksgiving care package is gone)? Well, what better way to celebrate than to share our story.

You need not worry we are not going that far back and we are not going to fill this post with a whole bunch of endless words that tells our life story from the moment the hubster and I meet. No, instead I am going to tell our story in a very limited number of words, 50 of them to be exact (get it, 50 posts, 50 words)

So without further ado, I give you the story of us in 50 words:

“Wanna see some cool rock climbing photos.” Spill coffee, boy in love. Nine months in,  girl in love. Pumas love bling! Boy moves, girl sad. Boy moves back. Say “I do.” One year in, three +, girl ecstatic boy goes canyoneering. New job. “It’s a Girl!” Big move. Portlandian Bonanza.

So there it is in 50 words (go ahead and count, you know you want to) the very short version of the story of us here at Portlandian Bonanza.



Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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