The Giving Tree

Way back when I was a little tyke, well not that far back, don’t wanna age myself more than I need to, my mom started the tradition of taking my photo in front of the maple tree we planted in our front yard. I can remember as my sister and I got older we kind of put up a stink about having it done each year.

Well, now that I am a mom I get to make a stink of having my kiddos stop and take a picture with the tree each year.

Is it any surprise than that this year I had to carry on the tradition of torturing taking my kiddos picture in front of the still growing maple tree of yesteryear. I was lucky that there were still leaves left on the old thing since the week before was full of strong winds and heavy rains, good ol’ tree knew I was coming to take his picture and didn’t want to be presented to the world all bare and naked.

Since Little Miss can’t stand on her own yet and I didn’t want get her tushy all wet from the growing pile of leaves, the hubster grudgingly willingly helped out by holding the little peanut for her first “tree pictures.” He is kind of awesome like that.

The Giving Tree 005

Then we threw Padawan in front of the camera for a couple with dad and sister

dsc the giving tree 001

The Giving Tree 005

and then one on his own.

The Giving Tree 006Hard to believe that this little guy is becoming this big guy *sniffle, sniffle.*

How about you guys, do you have family traditions that your parents started with you that you care on/hope to carry on with your kiddos? What about new traditions that you would like to start?


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