Boots With(out) The Fur

With the cold weather in full force here, I figured Little Miss was in need of some cute boots to cover her even cuter little toes. So I raided my yarn stash and searched through ravelry for a pattern I liked or could easily adapt to a point I would like them and these were born:

Boots With(out) The Fur 001

They turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I followed this pattern until the cuff of the boot; the pattern only does one button and I wanted taller boots so I went a couple rows more and added another boot before putting a scalloped edging on.

Boots With(out) The Fur 002

Aren’t they presh?!? I love the below photo even though it turned out blurry (hard to take pictures of a baby who wants to eat the camera anytime you pull it out). Aahh, I just love her pose! True little model to the “t.”

Boots With(out) The Fur 003

Boots With(out) The Fur 004

She is beyond words in cuteness! I have already started making her more of this cute little boots and am trying for the first time, to write my own pattern (ack! Lots of frogging going here)! I of course, will share all the scary brilliant process of those little creations, that is of course if I don’t totally mess them up of course.

How about you, have you made anything special lately for a little (or not so little) one in your life? Any advice from fellow crocheters on how to wing write your own pattern?


4 thoughts on “Boots With(out) The Fur

  1. Love these!! Great job! Your little girl sooo cute! I don’t really have much advice for writing patterns as I just barely started myself, but I definitely think it feels scarier and more daunting than it really is. I also try to write what I do as I go which involves a lot of erasing and rewriting! Hope to see your pattern soon!

    • Thanks! It definitely feels scarier than it actually is to write a pattern and I agree with writing it down; if I didn’t then I think the task would be even scarier!


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