Deck the Mail

Whoa, it is December all ready! Am I the only one that feels like the holidays have snuck up on them? We still do not even have our tree and decorations up (please don’t tell the Christmas police) and I have not even thought about Christmas cards at all. Last year I handmade our Christmas cards, all 20-something of them.

Deck the Mall 001

The end result was amazing (sorry for bad bad phone pic its all I had) and I loved them but it was a Something I did not want to have to repeat this year with a very active 7 month old and a homeschooled 7 year old Jedi. I had just about given up on getting any cards out this year due to the fact that they are spendy. Even all the cute photo cards out there cost upwards of $1.50 a card (you only get them cheaper if you order more than 100 of them, my card list is not that big so thats a no definite no go).

But then miracles upon miracles (this is the season for them!) I found picmonkey and their awesome FREE card maker! Not only was I able to design my own photo cards (woohoo total control), I am also able to print them however and where ever I want (woohoo absolute control) and the exact quantity I need cause seriously what are people supposed to do with that odd amount of photo cards leftover.

Only problem is I don’t know which one I like the best to have printed off and mailed out as the official Ponderosa Gang greeting card, which is where I am eternally grateful for the wonderful world of blogging: I get to make all of you make the tough choices.

So here they are my top four creations contenders:


Christmas Card 001


Christmas Card 002

#3Christmas Card 003

#4Christmas Card 004

So there they are in all their Christmas-y DIY glory. Now which one would you love to find in your mailbox and then proudly display in Christmas card wreath (or are you more of a garland display person, or maybe your fridge gets covered this time of year with cards from loved ones)? How about your Christmas cards. Are you one of those that makes their own by hand each year or do you prefer the photo card method? Any of you those type of people who have their Christmas cards in the mail the day after Thanksgiving or are you in on the growing trend of New Years cards?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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