Making My List, Checking It Twice

Am I one of the only parents that seems to think that every year at Christmas the toy companies un-load an ungodly amount of expensive toys that all the kids go ga-ga after? I love spoiling my kids but seriously, how many different Nerf guns can one kid possibly need (the answer if you ask Padawan is “infinity”). I don’t know about you but we have been battling a mad case of the gimmies and “I wants” every time we step into a store of any kind (makes me miss the days I could run errands on my own). The hubster and I want to nip this in the bud but at the same time be able to make our kiddos Christmas something special that is why I am so glad ecstatic about this little list I found via pinterest one day (I have seriously debated on blocking that site for forever, it is the bane of my existence as a procrastinator/crafter):

A gift they want

A gift they need

A gift to wear

A gift to read

Yes, you read that right 4 gifts for a person for Christmas. Now I know you all may think I am the next Scrooge or Grinch, but I have a plan to add a couple more items to that list:

A gift to watch (aka a movie)

A gift made with love (handmade)

I remember as a kid the excitement of Christmas and the prospect of awesome new toys but I felt that my parents never let it get out of hand with indulging and feeding into the hype that all the stores fuel (or maybe it wasn’t that bad when I was a kid). I want the same for Little Miss and Padawan, I want Christmas to be special and exciting but I don’t want that to be because of the prospect of a huge pile of gifts.

So what is going to be lying in wait for Little Miss and Padawan under our tree this year? Well, here are some of the prospects the hubster and I may or may not have secretly hidden in our closet (ya, I know not the most original gift hiding area but you have to work with what you got!)

Little Miss

Gifts 001

A gift they want: well seeing that she is only 8 months old, this item is more like what hubster and I think she will like. This ball activity center seems like it could entertain her for a while, maybe even long enough for me to unload dishes in the dishwasher (we have since found something else she herself picked out, aka grabbed in the store and smothered with baby kisses)

A gift they need: she is definitely interested in food and we definitely need a highchair so she can enjoy family meals with us so this was a no brainer.

A gift to read: A Very Hungry Caterpillar, surprisingly a great children’s book we do not already have in our library

A gift to wear: that was an easy one since this mama has an easy time finding clothes for her little princess rather than for herself.

A gift to watch: what can I say, this little girl loves her Muppets!

A gift made with love: a very cuddly minky blanket to snuggle with, just wish I would have found fabric like the one pictured (chevrons, yum!)


Gifts 002

A gift they want: even though he has TONS of nerf guns already, Padawan was adamant about the fact that he wanted a nerf gun more than he wanted Legos.

A gift they need: since our move Padawan has become the proud owner of his own bathroom (just ask him for a tour and he will take you there straightaway to see his jacuzzi tub) and he does not have any of his own towels to match his new shower curtain so these avocado green towels would be a great addition to his bathroom!

A gift to read: this boy loves science and he loves the Mythbusters even more so a book about the two things combined would be right up his alley.

A gift to wear: it seems to be a growing trend to get Padawan a new coat each Christmas so that is probably what will fill this gift requirement.

A gift to watch: Star Wars The Clone Wars, need I say more? The kid is nicknamed Padawan for a reason.

A gift made with love: we recently let him watch The Avengers, gladly I can say Iron Man is his favorite (that’s my boy) and when I saw the pattern for these gloves I just knew I had to make them for him!

How about your family? Do you have traditional gift guideilnes that you follow or do you just try to get all the cool toys your kids really want and you secretly want to play with (the hubster is known for that one)?



Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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