Welcome Back!

Me oh my, how time flies! It seems to fly even faster when you realize you haven’t been blogging for the last couple months (yikes!) So what has the Ponderosa crew been up to? Well, to catch you all up without delving into future posts too much: A LOT.

Welcome Back 001

Ok, ok, ok I will share a little more than that. Let’s see here we celebrated Christmas as a family of four for the first time, celebrated a New Year, regained our sanity and set aside the homeschooling adventure for traditional school, got two new teeth (well Little Miss did), started a whole new slough of projects, started a mini business, get in our daily exercise by chasing down a very mobile and very fast 9 month old, celebrated surviving another year (aka Padawan had another birthday), and a whole gambit of other daily life occurrences.

Starting tomorrow we promise (pinky promise) that we will start sharing the last couple months and the present as well with all of you again and get this blog up and running once again.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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