Sugar & Spice Make Christmas Smell Nice

**Since we have been so far behind in keeping our little blog up-to-date the next few posts are from that period of time that was sadly not blogged about in a timely fashion **

One of the things that I feel is important with my kiddos is to instill in them a sense of traditions, whether it be for the holidays, birthdays, or other special days. I want them to be able to look back and have fond memories to share with their kiddos one day (but in the very, very far away future….like when they are 30 and married and have their student loans paid off). This last Christmas season we introduced a new tradition: making our own ornaments for the tree. Now with the help of Pinterest I came across a whole gambit of different handmade ornaments, but I of course had to keep my expectations in check cause I am dealing with one infant who recently learned to crawl and a 7 year old who has the attention span of a goldfish. That’s why the cinnamon and applesauce ornaments were our perfect choice this season; that and I wanted to use the cute Ikea animal cookie cutters I got.

So while Little Miss was busy taking a nap, Padawan and I got busy with mixing and cutting some of these bad boys out.

Cinnamon & Spice 001

I mixed together the ingredients and rolled out the dough which was super sticky and wet even though I kept adding more and more cinnamon to it and then let the boy have at it.
Cinnamon & Spice 002

Padawan seemed to be quite fond of the squirrel cookie cutter so we ended up with quite a few squirrels tucked into our Christmas tree and garland. After we exhausted all of the dough (aka this mama could not handle being covered in cinnamon mush) we left them out to dry on cookie sheets for a half the day, the other half was spent in the oven at 250 degrees since we were going to be gone that weekend and we have a cat who has a penchant for eating pumpkin and apple pies (the ornaments smelled too similar for this mama to feel safe leaving them out). After they were dry we strung them with cotton yarn I had in my yarn stash. I, of course, had Padawan punch holes in them with a straw. If you ever want to entertain a young boy just give him a straw and have him punch holes in dough and then blow the dough out, just make sure you tell him where to put the holes first or you wind up with a string going through your squirrels stomach.

Sugar & Spice 003
Sugar & Spice 004


Even though some of our ornaments curled (dough was too thinly rolled) this new little tradition was a success. Padawan wanted to make more and he loved showing them off to family when we went and spent the holiday with them (score one for this mama who is constantly trying to get the boy interested in crafts besides drawing Star Wars Battle Ships which are quite impressive) and the whole house smelled AMAZING while they were out with the other holiday decorations (that stayed out way longer than I care to admit).

How about you, did your family introduce any new traditions this past holiday season? Were they a success with your kiddos? We would love to hear about them!


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