We Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

**Since we have been so far behind in keeping our little blog up-to-date the next few posts are from that period of time that was sadly not blogged about in a timely fashion **

Our first Christmas as a family of four went off without a hitch, I was someone able to make ornaments with a Jedi, catch up on laundry, wrap presents, and load up our transformer car up in a single bound (I had the help of a couple coffees in there I am sure of it) so that we could spend our holiday with our family in my hometown.

A part of our new traditions I am making an effort to start is making our own wrapping paper. This year I decided that all those gorgeous packages wrapped in butcher paper would get a kid-friendly twist put on them. So in one of my last minute crazy shopping sprees (aka coffee run in disguise) I grabbed a roll of butcher paper wrapping paper at the local Target. Now if only I had remembered to buy some scotch tape I would not have had to use my leftover package tape from the move….opps, live and learn I guess.

I wrapped all the presents before the trip down and somehow remembered which one belonged to who (it helps if they all are different shapes and sizes). And then on Christmas Eve I had the kiddos take out the good ol’ Crayola markers and go to town drawing Christmas-y pictures on the presents (I sneakily divided them up so Padawan decorated Little Misses and vice versa). Little Miss was more interested in chewing on the caps so I helped a little quite a bit. The snowman is one of my better works I will admit.

So after some Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (Padawan still was enjoying his) from my wonderful grandma it was time to say goodbye to those little doodles (sad) but it was worth seeing their faces light up with their new gifts.

Little Miss needed some encouragement to rip the paper and was definitely more interested in helping her brother get into his gifts than opening her own but it was still a delight to sight back and watch her take part in her first Christmas.

She was very happy to see her one friend she had picked out during one of present shopping trips; makes me glad she is still little enough to take Christmas shopping with me.

After our present opening, we began the incredible game of Christmas musical houses. Our first stop was my mom’s house were Padawan got every 7 year old’s dream present: a Nintendo 3DS (you can’t forget the fact that it is 3D cause he will correct you if you just call it a DS, silly moms forgetting that cool and crucial part of the name).

Litte Miss just enjoyed eating the paper when we were not looking.  While there we had our Christmas dinner and then we all packed it all up and made the trek back to the starting point (my grandma’s house) were we ate way too many pies, played Mexican train, and took our annual family picture in front of the fireplace (we have photos going all the way back to when I was just Little Miss’ age!)


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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