Get In My Big Blue Bag

**Since we have been so far behind in keeping our little blog up-to-date the next few posts are from that period of time that was sadly not blogged about in a timely fashion **

I have never really won much of anything, but that is not for lack of trying. Every (decent) contest online I come across on my favorite blogs I enter and then usually get the hubster to enter in too just to double my odds. Sadly I have yet to win anything, EVER.

I don’t even remember how many times I have entered to win one of my dream camera/laptop bags *sigh* Guess I will just have to start saving up my pennies again which is a lot harder to do now that I have two kiddos’ pig banks to keep fed and satisfied.

Ikea 001

You would think I would just give up, all that wasted time of entering comments, liking different groups on Facebook (and then deleting them once contest is over; I am poor loser what can I say) but I just keep plucking along hoping one day I hit it big. You can only guess what happened when on our last Ikea trip date I came across a box and sign that said to enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card.  Uh, $50, uh ya I would be dumb to pass that opportunity down. The only catch was that to get the $50 you had to allow a team of Ikea workers come and do a market research survey with you in your home so that they can get a better idea of how to set up their display rooms to better present to their local customers.  I of course entered and filled out an entry for the hubster as well.

You can only guess my shock and excitement when they called and said that they had chosen me to do the survey!! Wooo-hooo! You can only guess the excitement for when they showed up and gave me a goodie bag full of Ikea wonderfulness along with my gift card….I am thinking of making it a mandatory rule for houseguests to bring goodie bags.

Ikea 002

It has been a couple weeks since that wonderful visit and that $50 is literally burning a whole in my pocket! I have already pretty much spent it, down to every last penny in a couple of different ways. We have recently acquired a hand-me-down dining room table and chairs and I, I mean my saint of a husband, has been busy putting some personal touches on it. And all it needs is a rug to put under it to really set the whole look off.  Que option collages for  “how to spend my Ikea dough”

Option #1: is all about the rug for the dining room and adding some art/frame collages the stairwells to the five I already have going on throughout the house.

Ikea 003

Then there is option number #2 which sadly does not end at the $50 mark (which means one kiddos piggy bank has to go on a diet or very soon will be having some libpo done).

Ikea 004

It really is not a free for all, it is just a collection of things I have had my eye on for a loooong time. Though I do need that gray rug and that small turquoise rug would be a lifesaver for the front door/entry way that is seriously lacking any personality or catcher of dirt. The pillow (or pillows cause I would get 2 of them) would add some much needed color to our couch and those placemats are just all kinds of awesome. The hurricane vase is something I almost grab every time we go but for some reason it always jumps out of my yellow bag and never lands in my blue one.

Then there is option #3 which is all our new dining room table and setting it up for its first official dinner. We have an assorted collection of dinnerware that is slowly becoming chipped and which none of which has enough settings to go around our new table with 6 seats. So the solution is to get pretty new dishes with the funds and dipping into my own pocketbook for the rug.

Ikea 004

So what to do: be sensible and not go over my gift card limit, go all kinds of crazy and get the things I always walk away from, or go the route of housewife-martydom and sacrifice the dough for the good of the kitchen cupboards. You can totally see my predicatment can’t you?? Have any of you ever won anything? What would you do with a gift card to your favorite store?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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