Double Stuff(ed)

When good things are doubled, like the filling in Oreos, it is definitely better. The same thing goes for birthdays and by extension birthday cakes. We just recently ushered in Padawan’s 8th birthday and since we still are settling down into our new digs, we decided that it would be best to share Padawan’s birthday with the people we love the most: our family. By decision of the birthday boy we stayed with his great grandparents (my grandparents) who he is quite fond of and told me “I want to spent as much time with them as I can cause they are old and will die before I am grown up.” When you think about it, that is a really profound and sweet statement for an eight year old boy.

I had planned on making a cake there but Padawan was surprised with a cake by his great grandma, whose takes her role as “spoiling grandma” quite seriously.

Double Stuff 001

Double Stuff 002

Poor kiddo thought he could eat one of those GIANT frosting balloons with his piece of cake but ended up with a tummy ache which surprisingly he attributed to eating too much sugar (do kids automatically get smarter on their birthday??).  Though he did not let his sugar sickness stop him from soaking up all the spoiling that family smothered him with all weekend; cake, presents, dinner at not one but TWO of his favorite restaurants, new Legos, money (his new favorite gift) and just generally all around being spoiled rotten.

Being a good mom (and since I already had the cake supplies) I told him he could invite some of the neighborhood kids over for a movie night with some more birthday cake on the side. Now I usually make my cakes from scratch (I am a stay-at-home mom I feel its in my job description to do so lol). But with the new responsibility of wrangling an almost toddler my baking time is easily distracted so I like to keep things simple when I can so this time I cheated and used (gasp!) a cake mix from a box. I did tweak it a bit though thanks to Pinterest cheat to make it taste like cake from a bakery (if you want the tweaking just ask and I will post it!)

I asked the birthday boy what time of cake he wanted, his response “a tree cake.” This is what I came up with.

Double Stuff 003

Double Stuff 004He was a fan of it so this mama was happy (I aim to please).  The tweaking was a hit especially with the hubster who is not a big sweets eater but made it his breakfast the next day.

Still hard to believe that our Padawan is now a whooping 8 years old (only 2 more years til double digits yikes!) Happy Birthday Padawan, we love you and are very proud of the awesome kid you are becoming!!


3 thoughts on “Double Stuff(ed)

  1. Happy Birthday to him! How sweet of him to say that about his grandparents! ❤ I have a 9 year old son and he amazes me with his understanding as well. :D.

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