Table Talk

If you have a penchant for stained wood furniture I would turn away now ’cause what you may see may anger or enrage you. We recently became the proud (second) owners of hand-me-down dining room table from one of our friends who moved. I am not one to say no to something free as long as it is in good condition. And this table was in great shape, only problem was it was not really my style. The solution to my problem came in the form of scouring the internets for a way to paint the wood (gasp! I know, I know, I know) without sanding it. Call me lazy but the prospect of sanding down a huge table and six chairs did not sound like something I wanted to spend my weekends doing (or make the hubster spend his weekends doing).

Thankful there are plenty of you kind folks out there that have painted furniture before and tested out some very effeictive methods saving me (and the hubster) loads of time! So we made out list and checked it twice and made a trip down to our local Home Depot and procured this guy:

Table Talk 001

And after a weekend in the cold garage with the very stinky primer (OPEN the doors cause it is potent people) we ended up with this guy just waiting for the fun steps.

Table Talk 002

Fast forward a couple of weekends later and a couple more coats of paint and we winded up with this bad boy. This is definately more my style.

Table Talk  003

If you are thinking the top of the table looks messy that is because it is not just plain old paint….it is chalkboard paint! The turquoise paint is what is leftover from painting things from our wedding (never throw out good paint is my motto!)

The hubster joked around about painting the toe nails of the table black (funny thing is so did my mom) but I put my foot down (haha) and used my power of veto for that idea. We are still working on the chairs, which we ended up getting the spray paint version of the primer since it would take over two hours a piece per paint coat (I would never see the hubster at that rate!)

Table Talk 004

I can’t wait to get all the chairs done and have our first dinner party in our new place; it’s hard to invite people over for dinner when you have no where for them to sit. And speaking of where they will sit, the hubster and I are drawn to this particular fabric to recover the seats in.

Table Talk 005

I may chicken out and go with something less bold and “Hey there I am an animal print!” and go with a solid turquoise or black to match the table since the plan is to paint the chairs white. The chalkboard table top is already getting its own Pinterest board of quotes, place setting ideas, and all the fun stuff you can do with chalkboards! All the possibilities are endless it makes me giddy!! Yay, for a spot to play some mean rounds of Mexican train!

I am sorry for those of you who don’t believe in painting wood (I did warn you), but I think my table is AWESOME! So who here is with me on the whole painting/redoing furniture to fit your style? What projects have you recently undertaken? Any fellow chalkboard paint enthusiasts? I have so many more ideas to use up the rest of the can. Got any good quotes to adorn that beautiful black table top?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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