Perfect 10

Would someone please teach me how to stop time. As much as I enjoy watching my babies grow up into the amazing little people they are, I am not ready for Little Miss to get any bigger. She is now a whooping 10 months old which means only 2 more months until she is a whole year old. That does not seem right. I want my baby back.  At least for now she can still fit into things made for dolls.

Perfect 10 blog 001

She has grown leaps and bounds these past couple months. Crawling, ya she can do that but she prefers to do it in warp speed while stomping her hands down the whole way. Wherever she goes, she goes with the utmost determination. If you ask her what a cow says, she gives the correct response of “mooooo” (most of the time) and she knows to wave “hi” when someone says “hi” to her. We all love the fact that she gives kisses, we just wish they were with a closed mouth and a little less wet.

Perfect 10 002

She LOVES to be with her big brother and we have to keep a close eye on her since she feels like whatever he is playing with she should be playing with too. Poor Padawan has to hide himself in his closet with his Legos somedays but he is so good natured and kind to her about it, its amazing. Her personal favorite game to play is peek-a-boo. Anything and everything is a good spot to hide under or behind for this activity: under mommy and daddy’s bed, the freshly folded laundry, the end tables in the family room, any blanket left unattended, and even pillows are not safe from harboring the cutest little babe on the planet. I mean, who could not fall in love with that face and that smile?!?!

Perfect 10 003

This is one mama who is definitely in LURVE with her little girl, though she does wish she would eat more “real” foods. I have a scary feeling she will be one of those babies that is hard to wean…..I do not want to end up on Time magazine for that one (harharhar).  She has a whooping total of 2 teeth now and loves to steal her mama’s avocados  and munch on her organic veggie puff snacks but she does not want to give up her mama food (as we call it this house) for rice and veggies.

Perfect 10 004

She has FINALLY made peace with being in her stroller, which means we can walk to pick up her big brother from school. It is amazing how she can pick him out of the crowd all on her own and starts waving him over to us. She sure does love him and it is so cute to see them together. Most days she ends up falling asleep on the way home which is a score for this mom since neither of my kids are/were big nappers (I take what I can get!)

Perfect 10 005

And in case you haven’t gotten enough of her adorableness, here is some more.

Perfect 10 006

Ya, we are totally smitten.

And in case you all were wondering here is a list of the TOP TEN THINGS we love about our Little Miss.

  1. Her wickedly AWESOME dance moves, this girl has some crazy mad skills from head bobbing to booty shaking
  2. That crazy head full of hair that leaves for some interesting “Mad Scientist” looks when she wakes up in the morning.
  3. The fact that she loves to point to the things she wants or to let us know she is not happy with us (we are eerily waiting for her to the the whole “I am watching you” move that Barney does so well)
  4. Her daddy-steering capabilities, all she needs is a bridle and we can nip that “I want a horse” phase in the bud.
  5. Her hilarious responses to watching her brother play his Nintendo DS; she knows exactly when to “oooo” and “ahhhh”
  6. The unexpected sweetness she constantly displays, who wouldn’t want random kisses and hugs from a cutie like her
  7. Mad Mac skills, she does things to my laptop that I still have no idea how she does it.
  8. Her helpfulness even if it means this mama has to constantly be putting things back where they were supposed to go after being handed ten dirty spoons from the dishwasher
  9. The fact that is already a girly-girl and gets all kinds of excited when we show her new clothes (that’s my girl! ouch goes daddy’s wallet)
  10. She is a little Southern in the fact that she is friendly to everyone (no one escapes by without a wave and smile) and that she LOVES her sweet tea

2 thoughts on “Perfect 10

  1. What an absolute sweetheart!! We’re smitten with our little guy, Samuel, too. ❤ It's incredible to watch them grow and change, but if it's all the same to everybody, we can stop time now and he can stay little! 😉

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